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    How to do settings for Bulk Whatsapp Sender

    Click on Settings button to open the settings window

    Connection speed 

    You can select the connection speed as per your internet connection speed. Very Slow, Slow, Normal, Fast, Very Fast are the speeds that are available.

    Delay between messages

    This is the delay between every single message that will be sent.
    For example: if you are sending 500 messages, After every message sent, there will be a delay of 2 seconds. You can change it as per your choice. 

    Activate dialog with familar accounts

    This setting is meant to send messages to some of your own numbers/friends/families/employees etc. We need to do this to ensure that the block ratio is reduced if we are sending messages to strangers.
    In the below senario After every 20 messages, the software will wait for 10 seconds and then it will randomly send 3 messages to Familiar Whatsapp Accounts. 
    Please note that you need to add some Familiar Whatsapp Numbers and some Messages in Messages Dictionary Section.

    Activate Sleep between sending

    This setting will pause the sending process for some time.
    In the below example, After every 50 messages, it will pause the sending process for 100 seconds and then resume again.

    Enable Typing setting

    During the sending process, the software will automatically type the messages. If you wish to disable typing so that it just pastes the content, Remove the tickmark from the Enable Typing Checkbox.

    Seconds to wait while loading thumbnail

    This setting was created to that we can send youtube thumbnail if our message contains a youtube video link. As we know, after typing the youtube link in whatsapp, it takes 2 to 3 seconds to load the thumbnail. So in this setting you need to select the time in seconds the software should wait before hitting the send button so that the thumbnail is loaded. you can type 3 seconds or 4 or 5 seconds depending on your internet connection.

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