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    How to extract more data for a given keyword and location

    Google maps displays 120 contacts on their website for any qiven query. for example, if you type doctor as a keyword and mumbai as location,  our software will extract 120 contacts of doctors in mumbai. because google maps website displays only 120 contacts on their website.

    Is there a way to extract all the contacts available on google maps?
    Yes. you can surely extract all the contacts from google maps. Instead of typing city name in the location section, you will need to type pincode along with city name. 
    So, instead of typing mumbai in location,  type or paste the list of pincodes of mumbai along with city name. 
    400001, mumbai
    400002, mumbai
    400003, mumbai

    This way, you will have upto 120 contacts of doctors in 400001, upto 120 contacts of doctors in 400002, upto 120 contacts of doctors in 400003 and so on. if you have typed 100 pincodes of mumbai, then you will get upto 120 contacts per pincode. thats approx 12000 contacts in mumbai.

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